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Educational Opportunities 

for piercers of all skill levels

Educational Opportunities 

All courses are designed for piercers of all skill levels

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May 7th 2023

Techniques Webinar

-How to do a Bridge Piercing with Lola Slider.

-Nipple Piercing Variations with Ryan Ouellette.

Both webinars for one price. 

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Understanding and Applying Bevel Theory

Exploring the fundamentals of freehand piercing techniques from theory to execution, including a heavy emphasis on needle modification.

Progressive Considerations for Nipple Piercings

This presentation will discuss post-surgical nipple piercing, hormone replacement therapy in relation to nipple piercing, inverted nipples and more.

Ethical Sales Strategies: Sell Smarter not Harder

A comprehensive discussion about how to present and sell fine body jewelry in the modern market.

Anatomy for the Body Piercer

Explaining structures of the body; circulatory system, glands, muscle. Providing basic anatomical knowledge so piercers can understand what lies just beneath the surface and how it affects healing.

The Daith Piercing: Expand your knowledge

Piercing or miracle cure? We will discuss the origins or the "daith" name, anatomy and placement, appropriate jewelry options, common issues, techniques, and more.

BLOOD, and how we work with it: by Ryan Ouellette

This presentation discusses a common factor in our day to day work as piercers, blood.

Exclusive Patreon Content

Rook Piercings

Rook piercings can be performed a few different ways, so I included three different versions of tool based and tool free methods. I also include some info about bends you can put on your needle to support your methods and help with jewelry installation.

Nostril Piercings: Inside-out

This is how I pierce the majority of my nostrils. I pierce from the inside-out, and install a flat disc backing from the inside with it. This method might seem intimidating if it is new to you, but the actual technique is quite simple. This video includes multiple examples of piercing, but also a helpful exercise you can practice with.

Needle Modification

Needle modification has become an important companion for bevel theory. Enjoy this video explaining my method and preferences for modifying a blade style piercing needle.

Inverted Nipples

In this video I talk about the differences between inverted nipple grades, and the methods I use to pierce them successfully. Bevel theory, wound shaping, needle modification, and several other elements come together in this video.

Floating Navel

Enjoy this video about placement, marking, jewelry selection, and piercing a floating navel. Includes instructor overlay and is fully subtitled.

Septum Piercings: with clamps

This video is all about how I pierce septums utilizing septum clamps. I demonstrate how to apply the clamps, stabilize tissue, and pierce three different septums.

Daith Piercings

Please keep in mind that there will always be more than one viable and safe method to perform a piercing. This video focuses on piercing a daith from the bottom-up into a receiving tube.

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