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Ryan Ouellette

Ryan is 

a US based professional body art practitioner and instructor. Ryan operates Precision Body Arts (est. 2000) in New Hampshire offering both body piercing and scarification. In addition to Ryan's client services he is also recognized as one of the body art industry's most active and experienced instructors. Body Art Education by Ryan Ouellette offers private seminars throughout the US, as well as online webinars on a variety of subjects. Including his most popular course, Understanding and Applying Bevel Theory

On Demand Classes

During the pandemic period Ryan began offering more online education and grew a wide library of on-demand classes and educational content available at Ryan's narrated piercing demonstration videos have gained fans across North America and internationally for its accessible, judgment-free method of sharing safe piercing information. You can find a wide range of topics including piercing demos, but also videos explaining fundamental and progressive information intended for professional piercers of all skill levels. 

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Conferences and Live Events

Ryan Ouellette is also a frequent contributor and instructor at the world's top body piercing and body art conferences, having been an instructor for over ten years. Ryan has written and performed classes for the Association of Professional Piercers (the A.P.P.) annual conference in the US, the BMXNET conference in Germany (teaching both piercing and scarification classes), the United Kingdom's UKAPP conference, the GEP conference in Brazil, the LBP conference in Mexico, and others. Ryan was one of the creators of the popular "workshop" style classes utilized at many conferences, most notably the Safe Practices in the Piercing Room courses offered by the APP both online and at their conference. 

Piercing Wizard Podcast

In addition to classes and video content Ryan is also the creator and host of the Piercing Wizard Podcast which offers 200+ episodes free to the public. Since its first episodes in 2016 the Piercing Wizard Podcast has grown to be an important voice to share current issues from the piercing industry, as well as piercer interviews and perspectives from around the world. 

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